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(R) Dear sir
Did you really think "deeply "on death.

(MB) Yes, I did. There's really very little to think about. You die -- you're dead. End of story.

(R) Accepting the situation you believe results a very unhappy and hopeless in mind that one cannot get a taste from life.
(MB) Not at all. I live a very full and complete life. This is because I know that this life, once ended, is all that I will have. It would seem to me that life is meaningless if there is an eternal afterlife. After all, what at a few years of mortality compared with eternity?

(R) Do you realy think about death or do not think much and just live the day you live in.
(MB) I don't think much about death because it is inevitable. I live the days I have because that's all I'll ever have. There is no objective evidence to suggest otherwise.

(R) If you are recreated again in the Hereafter and God (which I believe but you may not at this moment) says to you why didn't you believe me Why did you thank to me for the things He has given to you and to us. What would you say to God
(MB) I would ask him why he did not reveal himself to me while my mortal life was still ongoing. If God exists and is all-knowing, he knows that I would believe in him if his existence was revealed to me. If he is all-merciful, he could not hold the failure of that revelation against somebody who would embrace it. The fact that there has been no such revelation either means that God does not exist or that he does not want me to know him.

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