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For your next stop on the World Wide Web, I'd like to suggest one of the sites listed below. This list will be changed and updated frequently, so remember to check this page out after each visit to NIGHT OWL MK. II...

300 Creationist Lies
American Atheists
Atlas of the World
Bible translations
Biblical Errancy
Buy Bayou University
Catholic Catechism
Cave of Magic
Center for the Scientific Inquiry of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP)
Center for Defense Information
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
CNN Interactive
Computer Shopper
Cool Fact of the Day
Cool Word of the Day
Council for Secular Humanism
Darwin Awards
Debunking Creation Science with Creation Science
The Dilbert Zone
Discovery Online
E-Conflict World Encyclopedia
ECW On-Line!
First Church of Jesus Christ, Elvis
Flat Earth Bible
Free Republic
God on our Coins
Gospel of Q
Gospel of Thomas
Guerrilla Pages Wacko List
The History Channel
Internet Infidels (The Secular Web)
James Randi Educational Foundation Homepage
Journal of Higher Criticism
The Left Hemisphere
Lenny Flank's Debunking Creation Science
Major League Baseball
Mass Killings Ordered, Committed, Or Approved By God
Maximum PC Magazine
Michael Reagan
Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers
Military Education and Research Library Network
The NASA Homepage
National Center for Science Education
Neal Boortz
Net Mechanic
Pedophile Priests
Pilate Project
Professional Bowlers Association
Review of "Why I am not a Muslim"
Rush Limbaugh
Sandbox Entertainment
Scientific American
Six Flood Arguments Creationists Can't Answer
Skeptical Information on the Net
Skeptics Society and Skeptic Magazine
Starting Page Quotations
System Optimization
The Talk.Origins Archive
Thomas Jefferson on Christianity and Religion
Tom's Hardware Guide
Universal Life Church
Urban Legends
USA Today
The Weather Channel
Web Site Garage
Who framed Dick Jones?
Wizards of the Coast
World Championship Wrestling
World War I Document Archive
The World Wide Skeptical Web
World Wrestling Federation

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