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(R) I, too, served in the Army (3rd Armored) and agree profusely with the idea that problems need to be fixed rather than painted over. I agree with everything you had to say except the homosexual issue. Barring homosexuals is painting over the problem rather than fixing it. It is the homophobia prevalent among the heterosexuals that is the problem, not the presence of the homosexuals themselves.
(MB) Of course, if there were no homosexuals present, there would also be no problems arising from homophobia. In any case, the numerous documented problems with homosexuals in the military go far beyond simple homophobia. If that's all there was to it, I'd certainly support telling people to get a life, but the issue isn't as simple as the Gay Lobby would have us believe.

(R) If a soldier is found guilty of sexual misconduct, punish that soldier. Fix the problem, don't paint over it.
(MB) Again, if that's all there was to it, I'd agree with you.

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