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(R) I'm trying to research psychiatric for religious followers; but curiously enough, I haven't been able to find any references to religion. But, looking at "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders", hearing voices, talking to non-existent entities, communicating with the same, mind-controlled by same, etc.
(MB) I guess that just goes to show you that it's not considered a "problem" if the majority does it or approves of it. The funny part is how many religious believers will consider *other* people to have mental problems if they do the sorts of things you mentioned!

(R) My thesis (as I have thought for many years) is --- those that succumb to dogma without critically thinking about it, are mentally ill.
(MB) I wouldn't go that far. It's just that most people are believers simply because they don't have the requisite knowledge or cognitive abilities to be otherwise. That's more along the lines of simple ignorance than mental illness.

(R) I am tired of having to apologize, or compromise my existence to the reverent because I might hurt their feelings or embarrass myself.
(MB) No reason that you should have to do so. In a way, non-believers and homosexuals each face similar issues when "coming out". It can be easier to keep quiet about it, but, sooner or later, there must come a time when one has to be honest with himself and damn the consequences. Actually, I think it should be easy to come out as a non-believer since the power of reason will always be on your side.

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