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(R) This is one outcome from our education system (circa '50s) that all students should feel good about themselves. They passed to the next grade whether they knew anything or not.
(MB) One has to wonder how many of them are now barely scraping out an existence and wishing that that same educational system had been more diligent about ensuring that the students actually learned something instead of placing "self-esteem" first and foremost.

(R) Also, the grading system was demolished so self-esteem was not enhanced, for those that deserved it, and those that didn't deserve it didn't feel bad about themselves.
(MB) There are actually some school districts where it is forbidden to give any student a failing grade within the first six weeks of the school year so as not to "damage" him for the rest of that year. What motivation is there for a student to apply himself if there is no chance that he will fail?

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