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NOTE: Presented here are general comments from readers of my Philosophy of Life essays and responses who have agreed with something I've written and/or have found favor with my method of making my points. Some are presented without comment while others include short responses to particular items. There is also a separate "Flames" section for those readers who disagree with me.

[22 Mar 00]
(R) I just wanted to say that you are a frequent bookmark in my browser. While I do not possess the scientific background to follow all of intricacies of your arguments, I am in awe of your logic, knowledge and ability to demonstrate how unsubstantiated the claims of "Creationists" have been over time. You are the Deborah Lippstat ("Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory") of evolutionary theory.
    And this should be required reading for every idiot politician trying to force creationism into science curricula as "just another theory."

[19 Mar 00]
(R) Mark, you have a great web site! I am a committed creationist watcher and found some good stuff on your page. Keep up the good work.

[04 Dec 99]
(R) Hi Mark
    Just wanted to let you know, I read the article (Reply #78 to Religion) and right now am printing it out to pin on my wall (I hope you don't mind). I'm considering making copies and posting them at work (if I have your permission), because I recieved the same email message from one of my co-workers about a month ago.
    She forwarded it to almost everyone on the email server, and I got on her (privately) about it (I'm in the IT staff, and we don't like our *business* servers overrun with personal campaigns. We even have a pretty strict policy against this sort of thing).
    A day or so later, the "big boss" sent a reply which, despite a little gentle chiding for using the company email in this way, praised the sender as well as the original author for such "compelling insight".
    Mark, if you don't mind my posting copies of this around work, can you tell me what level of attribution I should give you? i.e., should I mention you by name? Include your email address? I'll want to credit you (and at the same time remain anonymous myself, as I really do like my job :-)), but only to the extent that you allow (if you allow me to post it at all). I only plan to pin it to 2 or 3 of the more visible cork-boards at work, not on email.

(MB) By all means, please feel free to make and distribute copies of that article. The Church's garbage was certainly spammed to enough people. It's about time that responses to it were made available, as well. Include my name, e-mail address, and URL of the article. I really want to get as much feedback as possible.

[03 Dec 99]
(R) Regarding your reply to those asinine remarks of that brainless preacher (Reply #78 to Religion), well said. I have often wondered why people would think their god is helpless without aid from a crazed gunman or such. Is he so stupid or weak or powerless that he can't get "miracles" or conversions some better way?
(MB) That's how it would seem, wouldn't it? One wonders if these proselytizing numbskulls ever read what they write. I can't imagine how they couldn't see the damage they do to the credibility of their own beliefs.

[20 Nov 99]
(R) In several century's time they may laugh at the the scientific method, but for now, it's the best we've got.
(MB) Out of curiosity, do you have an idea as to what might conceivably be a better method by which to examine ourselves and our universe?

(R) Glad to see someone argue so sensibly and logically against those who do not understand how powerful a mechanism natural selection is.
(MB) Thank you. I'm glad to be able to make some small contribution towards defeating the nonsense.

(R) There are TV evangelist. Why are there no TV evolutionist?
(MB) Probably because evolution (and the whole of science, for that matter) is not something whose main purpose is to proselytize the masses and con them out of their hard-earned money. There are certainly plenty of science documentary shows on cable TV and there's also Bill Nye, the Science Guy on PBS. Now that we've lost Carl Sagan and Isaac Asimov, I think that there is a need and an opening for the next great popularizer of science.

[15 Nov 98]
(R) Nice logical trashing of the most nonsensical arguments I have ever heard -- "The Bible is true because it says Jesus came back from the dead, which must be true because the Bible says it was so!" Around and around in a circle we go! Why bother debating the point?
(MB) Actually, it's for that very reason. Too many people believe in those sorts of arguments without realizing the serious logical fallacy involved. Debating the point gives me the opportunity to point out such fallacies.

(R) Obviously someone make such an absurd, nonsensical argument isn't worth the memory on your Earthlink controlled Web page.
(MB) As I've said before, all opinions must be heard -- if only to show how silly some of them are. I didn't intend to relegate my essays and replies to "preaching to the choir". Dissenting opinions make for better reading!

[12 Aug 98]
(R) I love your page and agree with almost all of your ideas.
(MB) Great! Now, I just have to work on that "almost"...*grin*

(R) Your intelligent and well thought out thesis on religion is very refreshing.
(MB) In addition to being a source of some controversy judged by the large number of responses it has generated. But, that's good. What's the point of inviting debate if one doesn't tackle subjects worthy of debate?

(R) It's obvious you have done alot of research and are very respected.
(MB) I don't know that my debate opponents on that subject would agree with you, but that would just indicate that you speak the truth...*grin*

(R) If i'm ever in a bind (argument), i always refer them to your page.
(MB) If the material on this site is of use to any reader, then I will consider it a success. Thanks for referring others to this site!

(R) Thank you for creating such a wonderful alternative to the madness i face every day.
(MB) You're welcome. Thanks for visiting and please don't hesitate to drop me a note if you have any other questions on anything I've written or about any point that I haven't addressed in an essay or response. Reason *can* win!

[19 May 98]
(R) I do not wish to debate you, only commend you on your endeavour to put some sense into the religious fanatics.
(MB) Thank you! I'm not one can (or even should) put sense into any of them. If I'm hoping to accomplish anything, it's to provide effective counters to some of the nonsense that seems to have taken such a hold on the general populace. If just one person reads these essays and is convinced to shrug off that nonsense, then I will feel that I have done something positive.

(R) If you could, could you please email me more "ammo". That is because I am having a war of wills at work with a "born-agian-christian" who is "teaching" other co-workers about the "truth". Thank you.
(MB) The best place on the web that you can go for more information about evolution (and rebuttals to Creationist nonsense) is the Talk.Origins Archive. Check it out!

[01 Jan 98]
(R) Being former military myself (Navy, be nice...) and also enjoying a good argument that displays a person's ability to reason, I enjoyed reading your thoughts, some of the replies, and your defenses of your positions. I particularly enjoyed learning more about "The Bible Code" and subsequently, "The Moby Dick Code". I don't particularly have any desire to argue any of your points as A) I find myself agreeing with just about everything you state and B) I recognize that you are quite skilled in the art of the debate, and putting up any contrary position to yours would require more time and research than I am interested in investing.
    While not nearly as comprehensive as yours, I have written a few essays discussing some of my political thoughts and they are posted at:
    Feel free to browse there and comment if you so desire. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Web.

[20 Dec 97]
(R) I have just printed all your replys on relegion and it makes for interesting reading. It also makes a book of which I will keep. Your really give it to that guy. He probably walks away scatching his head and mumbling to himself. By the time you get through with him, he has got to question many things. That is if he has half a brain. Nice going.

[14 Dec 97]
(R) Just a quick note, my Son is taking a philosophy class at college and wanted some arguments pro/con creationism/evolutionism. Happened to find your page while searching the net. What a find!!! I am an Athiest, have been for about 30 years, very comfortable with it, yet why is it that most people think because I cannot make the leap of faith that I am missing something in my life. Can't stop now, will be back in touch. Love your thesis, Nice to hear an intelligent argument against - for a change. Have printed your page, will show to some of my Pastor friends, I like to stir things up.

[01 Dec 97]
(R) It is very rare for me to be able to find a virtual clone. Your brain works just like mine. I've read your opinions and find no disagreement. Obviously you are an extremely intelligent person.
    The thing that apalls me most is that we each possess the greatest miracle known to exist... a human brain. We have the potential to maintain this sacred planet as a Natural paradise and yet, we seem determined to self-destruct.
    I really enjoy the way you deal with major issues honestly, directly, simply and (most important) insightfully. There are too few of us to 'wake-up' too many of them. They are just too programmed, too brainwashed, too selfish, too ignorant, to escapest to 'get real'.
    It is their superficial, immature, compliancy that enables the few to amass so much self-destructive greed and power. The horror is that we are entering a new millenium that could be a magnificent golden age and we the people will allow it to become a catastrophy of unimaginable consequence.
    Our only hope is that, somehow, we will wake up as we do from a nightmare, at the last moment and wise-up just in time. Maybe, just maybe, someone like you and me can start an irresistable chain-reaction, on the net, to save mankind from humanicide.

[01 Dec 97]
(R) By the way, I take your comments seriously and try to answer in kind. It seems as if some of your replies did not or were either #@%$?.
(MB) Sometimes, the way an opposing view is expressed does more to discredit it than any reasoned argument in rebuttal.

[01 Dec 97]
(R) Thanks for your email. I checked your responses and enjoyed. Glad I could furnish a grin or two. That seems important so I don't take myself too seriously.
    Looking at some of your other responses--Are these guys real or just kidding? Like 1000 souls hunting a home.

(MB) All opinions have a right to be heard. One can't correctly decide which side of an issue is correct without having the opportunity to hear what proponents of each has to say. I believe that the best answers become clear only after all sides have spoken their piece. Even if a given argument is a pathetic or execrable one, once it has been heard and answered, it will most likely collapse under its own weight.

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