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(R) Hoorah!!!! Someone who thinks like I do. Too many criminals are released and shouldn't be due to "lame excuses".
(MB) It's understandable that we don't want to send innocent people to prison. But, it sure seems like it's *far* too easy for the guilty ones to skate. There's a line which separates "too lax" from "too harsh" in the criminal justice system. The changing face of society influences that line to move in one direction or another over time. Over the past decade or so, we've seen it move ever so slightly in the direction of toughness, but I think there's still room for improvement.

(R) I agree lets put these prisoners to work cleaning America up or to work on farms as veggie pickers as opposed to letting foreigners in to do it. I am not against foriegners coming here for work, but it would be a plan to let criminals doing time to pay for their own room and board instead of tax payers footing the bill.
(MB) Absolutely! There is a great amount of necessary labor which, because of its nature, is rather difficult to hire people to perform. Prisoners would seem to be an ideal workforce for these jobs. Prison is supposed to be where criminals "pay their debt to society". Seems like it's *society* that's doing most of the paying and getting little in return.

(R) As far as the death penalty goes, too often people quote the Bible as a way of doing away with the death penalty.
(MB) That should provoke some hearty laughter from anybody who's actually read the Bible (especially the Old Testament). Today's society would recoil in horror if anybody advocated the death penalty for many of the same 30+ offenses for which it is the prescribed punishment under Mosaic Law. Should we, for example, still stone to death anybody who does work on the Sabbath (Exodus 31:14-15), curses their parents (Exodus 21:17), or commits blasphemy (Leviticus 24:16)?

(R) It is a very touchy subject and one that deserves deep thought, however, did the Manson killers think of Sharon Tates unborn child?
(MB) Manson and his followers were likely not thinking about much at all when they committed those murders. They were all pure looney-tunes and would likely have gone on to kill more people if they had not been put away.

(R) Tax payers have supported the "Manson Family" for years and years, it is time it stops. Texas seems to be the only state with the right attitude. "Don't commit murder in Texas, unless you are prepared to die." A very blunt and direct statement, one that has no questions to it. The rest of the United States needs to adopt the same philosophy.
(MB) Well said...I agree completely!

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