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Thanks for your comments! The rise in Creation "science" is almost entirely attributable to the pathetically low percentage of the American public which is scientifically literate (about 6%). It is much easier for such people to be flim-flammed by Creationist garbage -- especially when they are likely to be sympathetic towards conservative Christian religious beliefs in the first place. I hope that my site is making a small contribution towards educating some of those folks. Reason *can* triumph, but we must continue to make a strong effort towards that goal. Spread the word!...
(R) Not bad! In one paragraph, you make two insults to creationists and one to the American public.
(MB) You may call these things "insults", but you will need to demonstrate where any of them are untrue before your objection will have any credibility.

(R) I guess the definition of "reason *can* triumph" has changed.
(MB) How so? Are you implying that Creationism is based upon reason and/or that science is not? I think you will have a very difficult time supporting either view.

(R) By the way is "garbage" a new scientific term?
(MB) Nope. It is, however, an accurate depiction of the state of the arguments used to support Creationism. If you disagree, perhaps you could present Creationist arguments which are based upon proper evidence rather than upon Christian fundamentalism or distortions of science? Nobody has yet succeeded in doing so. Perhaps, you'll break new ground?

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