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(R) I live in Chicago, home of the bovine gum chewers. You can't imagine the nasty gum chompers I have to deal with everyday. I've seen well-dressed middle-aged men smacking gum like a fifteen-year old, then lugey it onto the sidewalk. 99 out of a hundred people MUST chew with their mouths wide open. When did all this become acceptable? Here's a thought, just turn on baseball or the NBA. Someone needs to show these "role models" just how nasty they look. But hey, it's all about attitude right?
(MB) I'll cut athletes a bit of slack when they're in competition. At least in that situation, gum chewing serves a purpose of helping to prevent dry mouth while in the midst of heavy exertion. That situation, however, hardly applies to the average Joe Schmuck gum chomper. If they think that they're going to be Michael Jordan by chomping their cud, they've got real problems with their own self-image. Oh, well... It took several decades before non-smokers finally got the attention of inconsiderate smokers. It may well be a similar amount of time before the same thing happens with gum chompers. Gotta start somewhere, though!

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