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(R) You may have something! Culling by pre-natal scanning will drastically reduce criminal behavior of imparied individuals in the future.
(MB) I think that will only be a small part of that particular puzzle. Criminal behavior, as I see it, is primarily a product of one's upbringing and environment. Parenting, education, and community issues all play important roles.

(R) Some people may say, "What if you abort a Motzart", or some idiotic thing like that. But if you count the number of geniuses humanity has produced in the last 5000 years, the probability that any one baby will be a genius is like playing the lottery.
(MB) Of course, the answer to those people is "What if you choose not to abort and the result is another Hitler?". Once again, the external factors mentioned in the previous paragraph apply here. It's worth noting that "genius" is a relative thing. If all people were as talented as Mozart, his "genius" would be "normal" and nobody would stand out above the crowd.

(R) On the other hand --- it is highly likely that today's new borns will be a drag on society.
(MB) This will depend somewhat on the circumstances of birth. Almost any number of new births in an impoverished country will produce additional problems, while a nation with a high standard of living can easily absorb most newborns.

(R) Most of the arguments against AIDs, SEX, ABORTION, MARRIAGE, etc., are proffered by paranoid psychotics who vy for a better position after they die.
(MB) I'll agree with that. Such arguments generally come from a position of ignorance built around false premises and empty dogmas. One has to wonder what would happen to those arguments if the concept of "life after death" was conclusively debunked.

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