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(R) We had a problem in our house to some extent. I don't think it lead to the adulatory stage but I agree to some extent that the "victim" is the adulture. For what ever reason they did start "looking" elsewhere for what ever they were lacking from the other.
    I think that a person that is looking should step back and ask themselves "why". And try to fix the problem "At Home" first, and if the problem can't be fixed at home then, get a divorce prior to breaking the "Promise". I have a real problem with people that break the promise they made to another. The promise is "until death do us part", is the "death of us" figurative or actual?

(MB) The "Promise" is an ideal and few ideals survive the test of time and experience. It is also a part of a larger set of statements which constitute the traditional Christian "marriage vows". Generally, it is one or more of these other vows that are broken prior to any adultery or divorce.
    Also, how would you account for non-Christian marriages or marriages (Christian or otherwise) which were entered into without any such vows being exchanged? Such marriages wouldn't fall under the spectre of Christian morality.

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