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(R) You may not fully appreciate the effect successful efforts to save unborn children have on future generations.
(MB) I can assure you, sir, that I have given considerable thought to all sides of the issue. Hopefully, that is demonstrated by the numerous responses posted in this section.

(R) Please consider the article, "Pro-Life-Physician Horatio Robinson Storer, Your Ancestors, and You." The article deals with the successful efforts of America's earliest right-to-lifer...
(MB) I've already dealt with arguments of this type in Reply #7 to Abortion (see the final exchange on that page). In short, such arguments are fine examples of using invalid mathematical extrapolations to arrive at unsupportable conclusions. The problems raised by such arguments are many and varied (in addition to those I discussed in the aforementioned reply). Some of them include:

    1) If I had been aborted, I would obviously never have been born. However, I would never know the difference and it's highly likely that my parents would have conceived and borne another child in my stead. That being the case, the number of children they would have produced would have been exactly the same -- not one fewer.
    2) Most parents only intend on raising a particular number of children. They will raise that number of children whether or not one or more might be aborted along the way. Therefore, abortion will have no effect on the number of their descendants.
    3) If the argument that "a child is being denied the chance for life" is valid and compelling, then it should be apparent that the refusal of women to have sex at any time and with anybody denies more potential births than would ever be the result of abortion. Men who would masturbate rather than have sex would also be guilty of denying a potential birth.
    4) It is estimated that around 80% of all fertilized eggs fail to implant in the uterus or fail to mature into a living child due to natural causes or unintended actions of the mother. Again, this results in a far greater loss of "potential lives" than could ever be caused by abortion.
    ...and so on

    I'm sorry, but the argument advanced by Dr. Storer is nothing more than an interesting mathematical exercise that has precious little meaning in reality.

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