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It's over with few, if any, surprises being registered. It's hard to believe that the American public really wants another four years of Bill Clinton, but that's what they voted for. Or, it might seem so on the surface.
    More significant might be that the voters elected to keep the Republicans in control of both Houses of Congress. In fact, the GOP gained seats in the Senate. It might actually be the best arrangement we could have hoped for.
    Given what happened over the past two years and the campaign rhetoric coming from Clinton, there might actually be some hope of getting some constructive things done over the remainder of this decade. Both sides will have to moderate their views to avoid deadlock and this can't help but be a good thing. Extremism running rampant leads to most of our problems. While both sides have their own corps of special interests in their respective corners, none proved strong enough to influence the election this time around. In fact, the election might well be categorized as a major loss for liberal Big Labor groups and also for the Religious Right. Is the public finally getting tired of all the blustering and self-righteousness? We can only hope so.
    How soon will it be before "Don't Blame Me. I Voted for Dole" bumper stickers appear far and wide?

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